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IMG-20130903-00090The Norse Campus Ministry teaches each student that God loves them as an individual and has a plan for their lives.  As we meet with them on a weekly basis we layout a very clear and concise plan that is based solely on the Bible.  Below is an example of some of the teachings we share with the students.  This plan is patterned after the FCA Bible.  We share the Gospel of Jesus with the students with the hope that they will follow Jesus as personal Lord and Savior.  After one choses to become a follower, then the process of discipleship begins.



God’s Game Plan

1. Be Holy

2. Love God

3. Glorify Him

4. Enjoy Him Forever


Man’s Problem

1. What is sin?

2. Who has sinned?

3. What is the result of sin?

     a. Separation from God (use picture on the page to help visualize this)

     b. Death

     c. Judgement


God’s Substitute

1. Who is Jesus Christ?

     a. He is God

     b. He is Man

2. What has Jesus Done?

     a. He died as our substitute

     b. He rose from the dead

     c. He is the only way to God


Man’s Response

1. Faith is Not:

     a. Just knowing facts

     b. Just an emotional experience

2. Faith is:

     a. Repenting…Turning to God from sin

     b. Receiving Jesus Christ…Trusting in Jesus Christ alone for salvation

3. Invite students to Follow Jesus by accepting Him as personal Lord and Savior


Sample Prayer to follow Jesus:

“Lord Jesus, I need you.  I realize I’m a sinner and I can’t save myself.  I need your forgiveness.  I believe that you loved me so much that you died on the cross for my sins and rose from the dead.  I repent of my sins and put my faith in you as Savior and Lord.  Take control of my life and help me to follow you in obedience.  I love you Jesus.  In Your name I pray.  Amen.”