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“Taking the Gospel to the Dorms”

Paterson & Player

What NEO people are saying

Dale Patterson (2)“Steve “Stubb” Whitesell has had a tremendous influence on the lives of NEO student athletes for over 30 years.  Many of our former athletes credit “Stubb” for helping them lead successful, social, family and spiritual lives.”
Dale Patterson, Northeastern A&M College
Former Athletic Director

Poteete“I have known and maintained a relationship with Stubb since I came to NEO in 1997. His influence has made a lasting impact on my life.  I would love for the future Norse to have the same opportunities as I have had. His impact on young people’s lives will cause a ripple effect on to future generations.”
Sherard Poteete, Former Head Football Coach
Northeastern A&M College
Eric Iverson“NEO was my first college experience as a 18 year old. I thought I had everything in order from my classes to my dorm room with everything in between. What I soon realized is I didn’t have anything in order because I didn’t include God in the transition. I then met Steve “Stubb” Whitesell and my college experience had a whole new meaning.

Our young athletes are getting a first class education, a first class athletic opportunity. Now we have an opportunity to give them a first class spiritual experience. The addition of Stubb would complete the body, mind and soul. I encourage all former Norsemen to get involved and support this exciting campus ministry.”
Eric Iverson
Head Softball & Volleyball Coach
Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College

melinda_marilo“I want you to know how much I appreciate you doing those weekly Bible Studies. It helped then and even now when it comes to putting my relationship with Christ first in all aspects of my life, not just in sports. May God continue to bless you & keep using you to enrich the lives others.”
Melinda Marillo
Former NEO Basketball Player
zach_crissup“Steve Whitesell AKA “Stubb”, has been a huge influence in my own personal life and has provided our student athletes with opportunities to enjoy their spiritual life at NEO. I have been lucky enough to witness many baptisms that Stubb has helped facilitate. I am excited to see many more young student athletes grow everyday through his ministry.”
Zach Crissup
NEO A&M College Head Coach, Football